Corona Blues (A Picture of Quarantine) – Part One

March 20, 2020 – After yet another week of self-imposed quarantine at home, I decided to post about our current situation through a series of pictures. I’ll try to keep it light and try to keep out politics and frustration. We all need to smile a little more, right now.

Pretty hyacinths during my
walk. Of course it’s wet outside.

Corona Blues…The Early Days
After the initial shock of Bloody Thursday (March 5th), when it seemed the entire sports world shutdown simultaneously, the reality of what was happening around us began to take hold. No more handshaking, learning to socially distance, constantly washing your hands. All those things now seem quaint, or almost normal.

The New Normal
Long lines at Costco – and just about everywhere else. Toilet paper hoarding. Rumors flying faster than Air Force One. Those midday press conferences, or Coronavirus Briefings, which seemed to be held for both informational purposes and as a form of online entertainment.

Here in Memphis, it continues to rain.

Emily bought us cupcakes from
Muddy’s. Eventually all small
businesses had to close.

Who’ll Stop the Rain
Seriously…will it ever stop raining? Everyone on TV and the internet says go outside, go for a walk, get some fresh air. I’d like to, but it never stops raining. Meanwhile, more events are postponed or cancelled. More states begin to shutdown everyday activities and non-essential services.

And I wonder, still I wonder…who’ll stop the rain!

The Beat Goes On

Germantown horses understand
social distancing.

After almost two weeks of a new normal, we settled into somewhat of a routine. It warmed up outside and, occasionally, stopped raining for a few hours during the day. I began walking a little farther each day, getting a chance to revisit places and sights that I hadn’t seen in a while.

Memories of those spots bring a variety of emotions. Some good, some sad. Seems everyone is having a little corona blues.

At the same time, the outside world seemed to be spinning more and more out-of-control. It’s just surreal, as we seem to repeat every days. Schools closing for two weeks and then indefinitely. Universities on hiatus with distance learning to come. More and more cases of COVID reported in the U.S.

The obligatory Corona beer picture.

Final Thoughts
I continue to be on the mend from my latest skin cancer removal (see Don’t Believe the Gripe). It’s frustrating to be at home – like most everyone else – but I’m thankful to have a place to be.

As my friends continue to say, “Weird, weird times.”

Thanks for listening.

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