About Me

Last updated August 2021

In Difficulty Lies Opportunity

You’ll notice my blog’s sub-title is “My Journey with Melanoma…”

Two things to note here: first, I initially didn’t want to use either “battle” or “fight” in the sub-title. Both words have been used too often to describe dealing with cancer. While I’m certainly a fighter, my situation—my diagnosis—is, unfortunately, part of a life-long journey that many people take. Using “journey” instead is much more in-line with my philosophy of using my difficulty as an opportunity. What type of opportunity? Well, that’s what makes life a journey.

A Little History

For those of you who would like to know the background of my journey with melanoma, here’s a brief “history lesson,” which might help you better understand my mindset as I continue to deal with my diagnosis.

Blues Music

In addition to writing and advocacy, since 2016 I volunteer my time at the Blues Hall of Fame in downtown Memphis, which led to a late-in-life love affair with blues music and my latest turn as an amateur blues historian.


Other than traveling with Vicki, my other main passions is gardening—mostly potted flowering.