In the Eye of the Storm

August 28, 2020 – Earlier today, Facebook alerted me to a memory from 2017. I’d almost forgotten about the post until today’s notice. What I haven’t forgotten, unfortunately, was the crappy comment that came from a former high school classmate.

Note: Yes, on Facebook yesterday, I mentioned the fluke that this 2017 memory popped up right after Hurricane Laura came ashore in Louisiana. 

2017 – A Little Background

On August 28, 2017, Hurricane Harvey, after slamming into the Texas coast, drenched the Houston area for several days, causing major flooding. Vicki and I have close friends who live in that area. We were on vacation in Snowmass, Colorado. Obviously concerned about friends and 

After Hurricane Harvey hit Houston, Texas.

extended family, I posted our thoughts on my Facebook feed.

I received the typical Facebook feedback (see below) – Likes, Loves, and a couple of shares.

One person, however, had to rain on my goodwill. I realize it’s a minor thing – especially with everything going on right now in our world – yet, three years later, the comment angers me.

And saddens me.

People, Nowadays

Let’s start with today’s internet, a digital Pandora’s Box that has destroyed civility as we know it. Or, what was known as being polite, courteous, and considerate.
Nowadays, almost no one thinks before typing a comment or responding to an online post. Who cares about being snarky? Hateful? Insensitive?
It’s my opinion and I’m going to express it, regardless of the ramifications. Or, the hurt I cause.
Never did hear back.

The Comment

At first glance, the commenter appears to appreciate my concern and that I expressed my concern. It’s the final sentence (underlined in the screen shot) that, frankly, still pisses me off.
This is more than a notion… 
There’s a host of emotions – along with my reaction – in that part of the comment. I’ve read it countless times. In fact, I waited a day or two before responding (see below). Never heard back, by the way.
When reading the entire comment, it becomes apparent that the commenter does not believe simply reflecting upon the situation or showing concern for those impacted by a disaster is up-to-snuff until one prays about it, or, more accurately, states that one will pray for others. You know, “Thoughts and Prayers…”
In today’s environment, people say “Thoughts and Prayers” much like “How are you?” is used as a greeting. It’s automatic. Almost robotic. There’s no substance behind the phrase. Just something to say, or post, when bad things happen. 
What angers me is the comment’s tone. I’m being admonished for not including the word “Pray” in my post. As if that’s an oversight that somehow lessens my concern for others. My intentions judged based on someone else’s standards or ideals.
I simply wanted to express my concern for others. Apparently, that wasn’t good enough.

My Response

Below is my (edited) response, which, at that time, I felt was measured and thoughtful. I never heard back. Now, I don’t really care. I’m venting. Perhaps that’s the first step towards finding peace (for me).

One of the definitions of “thinking” is that of thoughtful reflection. In fact, another definition states that “thinking” (as a verb) is to employ one’s mind rationally and objectively in evaluating or dealing with a given situation. So, I’ll continue “thinking” about those of you in Texas and Florida who are dealing with the aftermath of hurricanes and floods. 

I will also continue to hope that everyone’s situation improves and that they do not face long-term problems. I will use my words on MY Facebook feed. You are free to use your words on yours.

Thanks, as always, for listening.

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