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Writer’s Note – I’ve been on an extended hiatus for well over nine months.  So, I first want to say “Thank You” to all of you who continue to stop by and check out my blog.  This blog and several to follow have been accumulating in my head for quite a while.

Additional Writer’s Note – Today I deviate from talking about my journey, my health, and my family to talk about how sometimes people simply piss me off.

April 2, 2015 – Facebook has become the wallet photos of our time.  At least for folks of my generation: those of us on the tail end of the Baby Boom era.  You remember wallet photos – those photographic pictures, usually of family and children, that someone would whip out at a moment’s notice to show you how someone in their family is doing.  How little Suzie is now all grown up.  You smile, you nod your head and agree, “Yep, all grown up.”  But you really don’t care…You’re just being polite.  Facebook is the same way at times…When you “like” someone’s update or timeline post, you’re just being polite.  Being polite doesn’t necessarily mean you’re not sincere.  But you’re just not as emotionally engaged as you might be if the update had to do with your own “little Suzie.”  We all, however, want to be liked and we want our Facebook friends to interact with us, to give us some feedback…even a simple, little “Like.”

So, it really ticked me off today when I see that someone who is – or, at least I thought was – a friend of mine sending birthday greetings to a mutual acquaintance who she hardly knows.  Why does this bother me so much?  Probably because she rarely, if ever, “Likes” or comments about any of my Facebook posts, or my health updates (whether on Facebook or through email), AND this mutual acquaintance doesn’t even update his Facebook page on a regular basis.  We’re talking once a year, maybe.  In fact, he won’t even acknowledge – like so many of us do – that people sent him FB birthday wishes.  As a matter of fact, I’m not sure he does anything proactive on Facebook.

I just want to be “Liked.”

Oh well, at this point I’m just ranting, but it really does piss me off that people will “friend” you on Facebook, but after that, they have no further interaction with you.  I understand that I can’t check-in with all of my FB friends every day, or even every week, but I would think that if someone who is acutely aware of my situation would make even a half-hearted effort to be engaged – there’s that word, again – even through a somewhat impersonal medium like Facebook.

I’m not asking for much, just for people who claim to “care” about my journey to actually invest some time in finding out what’s going on…to make a small effort to ask, “How are you doing?”  If you can go to the effort of posting cat pictures and “sharing” prayer appeals, you can certainly send a quick personal message (PM) or post on my timeline.  You’d be amazed at how it will brighten my day.

As always, thanks for listening.