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April 22, 2016 – Prince (Prince Rogers Nelson) died yesterday at his home in Minnesota.  To borrow some lyrics from Neil Young:

The king is gone, but he’s not forgotten…

Young, of course, was talking about the excesses of celebrity and hubris.  Unfortunately, those traits applied to Prince as well.  For that matter, they apply to many celebrities.  Don’t get me wrong – I loved Prince’s music.  He was an incredible artist and musician – especially as a guitarist.  As a performer, he was incredible.  But I just don’t get why people with so much talent, with so much ability, and with so much energy continue to crash and burn.  It’s sad, really sad.

As people worldwide mourn Prince’s death, I think again-and-again about how our lives on this planet seem so humdrum, so compressed, and so minuscule.  There is so much to live for and so much to accomplish in a relatively brief blip of time. Why can’t people realize there’s something precious about their existence?  Why can’t people enjoy the time that has been given to them?

I’m not much better than most folks in that regard.  I still gripe about the weather, the traffic, the neighbors, etc.  But I have begun to realize that I want to make my time on Earth count for something.  I want to finally do some things that I’ve always wanted to do: travel more, explore Memphis, write fiction, play my guitar, volunteer for causes that I care about.  Getting to these things, however, is more difficult than it seems.  Life always seems to get in the way.  I think everyone wants to do what they love, but we never can seem to find the time.

Maybe Prince captured the essence of life and time – and perhaps an omen of his own death – in these lyrics from Sign O’ The Times:

Some say a man ain’t happy
Unless a man truly dies
Oh why
Time, time  

Thanks, as always, for listening.

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