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Aches and Pains

It’s the end of November, and it’s the same old story…overall, feeling fine physically and mentally, and, for the most part, enjoying my new job.  I continue to battle leg and foot cramps (and some pain), and, I believe, the early cold weather here in Memphis has contributed to my symptoms.  Other than my aches and pains, the month was not particularly telling in my continued journey with melanoma.  On the personal front, however, November brought a lot of new experiences and soon-to-be great memories.

– – –
Just not right….
We ended October and started November with a trip behind enemy lines – Knoxville, Tennessee.  We were there because Zach has a chance at a nice scholarship at UT, and one of the requirements is that he “shadow” a current student for a day.  I’ve never spent much time in Knoxville, and, as I posted on Facebook several weeks ago, I enjoyed walking around downtown Knoxville, which was quite neat and clean.  Yet, it was still Knoxville – home of the Vols and land of orange.  If Zach ends up there, I guess I’ll adapt.

– – – 

On November 17th, I got to spend part of the day with Scott Terle, who was in town visiting family.  Scott and I go all the way back to high school and, following my back surgery in 2011, I began to reconnect – via Facebook – with Scott and many others from back home.

It was great seeing Scott and spending the time rehashing old memories of King High School and Temple Terrace, Florida (where I grew up).  What I really enjoyed, however, was learning about Scott’s amazing (my word, not his) journey from young adulthood to middle age.  Scott has certainly had a full life – as I think many of us have had – with all the ups and downs that each of us deal with everyday.  Yet, Scott has an amazing (there’s that word, again) spirit that I wish I could bottle and give to others.  He has a great perspective on his world and the world around him along with a want to make a difference in ways that truly matter.  I’m probably embarrassing him right now, but it’s for a good cause.

As I said above, I wish I could bottle that energy or fortitude, or whatever you call it.  I could certainly use some of it, myself.  The journey continues to take a toll on my perspective, at times, so the busier and more focused I stay, the better my outlook.  It was time spent with Scott that helped lift me from my weekly doldrums and renew my perspective on my cancer.

Now if I can maintain that perspective through the holidays….

– – –

We ended November with Thanksgiving and the early arrival of winter.  Emily came home from college, and our family time was fun, but too short.  We even enjoyed a brief respite from the cold, which my guardian – Nixie – thoroughly loves!  She’s bred for cold, wet weather, and this time of year is her favorite.  Romping through the leaves, chasing squirrels, and simply being outside.  It’s also my favorite time of the year as well.

As the holidays approach, I try to keep my thoughts on my family.  I want to make certain that I enjoy our times together.  I anticipate many more years to come, but there will always be “those thoughts” in the back of my head.  So, I say a few prayers and continue moving forward.  What else is there to do?

Thanks, as always, for your time.

On guard and on duty…