I Am Not Alone

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August 6th – I decided to participate, again, in the Miles for Melanoma 5K here in Memphis.  This year I also decided to go “all in” and create a team of family and friends to help me fundraise.  This was a big step for me. You may recall from last year’s post (I Am Alone) that I had a rotten experience when I asked a simple – but obviously naive – question about melanoma support groups.  I immediately felt alone – very alone.  And to this day I still want to lash out at the woman you was rude to me.

Fast forward to this summer…A year changes everything.  Once I established a team and sent out an online request for donations, I was awestruck as to the response I received.  We raised $500 for the Melanoma Research Foundation  and I felt the anger and bitterness begin to fade away.  I want to again thank ALL of my friends and family who supported me.

Vicki and I walked in the 5K this morning…I’m still not in any shape to run or jog.  It was a somewhat pleasant early morning by Memphis weather standards, so we survived.  I still had to endure seeing that woman from a year ago and felt the resentment welling up inside of me.  But I soon let it go…I have to…it’s just not worth it.

Because I’m truly not alone…and I will never be.

The one teammate who truly matters.

Thank you.