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Writer’s Note – I’ve been on an extended hiatus for quite awhile, but now I am just about caught up.  So, once again, I want to thank everyone who continues to stop by and check out my blog. 

January 2016 – This blog post was originally titled, “A New Beginning…,” but after the sudden death of rock icon David Bowie on January 10th I decided to change it – literally.  Now my title is “Ch-Ch-Changes” from the Bowie song, Changes.  I think the title speaks exactly to where I am in my journey.  I’m making serious changes in my world and it frightens me.  A lot of uncertainty and much contemplation about the decision I made back in November 2015.  So, as the cliche goes, let me start at the beginning.

After many months or reflection, prayer, planning, and frustration, Vicki and I decided it would make sense for me to go into “early retirement.”  That’s the phrase we used to describe what I was doing regarding my former job and my “career.”  I discussed it with my boss and explained that the constant grind and pressure have completely worn me out.  I truly did not feel like I was giving 100% at work, or anywhere else, and it was wearing on me – big time.  Working part time was not an option either.  My human resources job was just too involved and problems continue to pile up, even when you’re not there.

So, I gave notice – in mid-November – that I would work full-time for about three more weeks and

RIP Ziggy Stardust.

then I would work part-time until my replacement was on board and trained.  At first it was a relief, a very heavy weight had been lifted.  I had made my decision and moved forward.  It wasn’t an easy decision and my co-workers were (and still are) baffled that I left.  Finding a replacement was somewhat difficult and the timing, the end of the calendar and fiscal years, was not the best, but I survived.

A lot of what went into my decision to “semi-retire” had to do with the unknown I faced after having the two (2) ablation procedures in the fall (see Burn, Baby Burn).  Was the process successful?  Are those tumors now gone?  Are there other or new tumors? Are they now growing quickly?  What if the procedures were not successful?  What are the next steps?  Too many questions without any concrete answers.  I needed to clear my head and create some space in my life.  I also had concerns about my immediate family and my dad, who is now all alone.  And, finally, I have some personal goals that I want to achieve, or at least take one last shot.  I don’t want to be at a point where I regret never trying, and, given my health situation, it’s not like I have endless time on my hands.

Now I’m on another leg of my journey…Perhaps I’ll become a “different man.”  And who knows – time may change me.

Thanks, as always, for listening.


Turn and face the strange 


Don’t want to be a richer man 


Turn and face the strange 


Just gonna have to be a different man 

Time may change me 

But I can’t trace time