While My Guitar Gently Weeps

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Writer’s Note – I’ve been on an extended hiatus for well over nine months.  So, I first want to say “Thank You” to all of you who continue to stop by and check out my blog.  This blog and several to follow have been accumulating in my head for quite a while.

My red Epiphone Special.

Late Spring 2015 – One of the more severe side effects of my chemo medicine (Imatinib) are muscle cramps and muscle aches.  While I’m now tolerating the cramping and pain much better than a year ago, I still don’t have complete strength or stamina in my muscles, joints, or tendons.  In particular, my hands have become very sensitive to over-use – especially in the winter time – and there are times that I have to get someone else to help me with simple tasks (for example, unscrewing the top to a soda bottle).  The aches and pains come and go, but, nonetheless, frustrate me.

A little scratched up.

I’m a especially frustrated that I can no longer practice and play on my electric guitar.  (I don’t even try to play my old Fender acoustic. As you musical types know, an electric guitar has a much easier neck to finger.)  I gave up trying more than a year ago, and the few times I’ve given it a shot since then, my fingers just don’t have the strength they used to have.

It’s not that I was ever much of a musician…and I’m still not.  But I have always enjoyed music and how musicians “make” music.  I was, however, never one to sustain my musicianship.  I never had the self-discipline or the drive to actually become a “true” musician.  Nor was I ever talented enough, artistically, to create my own music.  But I found some comfort in the last several years in trying to relive whatever glory days I used to have as a pseudo-musician.  Even though the best years of learning the guitar – or any instrument – have long passed me by.

So, ever few years I would mess around with the few chords and notes that I know (or remembered from way back when).  I even took guitar lessons for a couple of years.  My teacher was not only an excellent musician – and instructor – but he was a wealth of knowledge about musical genres and rock history.

My hope is that someday soon I can make the effort to re-learn all those “guitar things” I used to know and, truly, find the strength to play my little red “Abbey.”  Not sure if I’m supposed to have a nickname for my guitar, but “Abbey” sounds good.

Thanks, as always, for listening…..