Week Six

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Yesterday (October 1st) was the end of week six of my cancer treatment.  Not much new to report…I still feel pretty good, although I’ve aggravated my upper back again, which is a real bummer.  This has gotten annoying because I want to be able to feel “normal” physically…to be able to exercise and do yard work without worrying about straining my back.  I realize, of course, that my back will never be the same (see page titled My Back) after my November 2011 surgery, but the physical uncertainty just makes the mental strain all the more difficult.  Note: I also have other aches and pains, along with mild fatigue, that I’m certain are side effects from the Gleevec and the cancer.
So, as I’ve stated in prior posts, October 9th (next Wednesday) is “D-Day” for me.  I’ll have a CT scan performed in the early afternoon then meet with my doctor later that day to review the results and discuss next steps.  What we hope to see is that my tumors have stopped progressing, which means the Gleevec is working and I can continue on it.
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Thanks, as always, for listening.
I’d much rather be out riding my bike and looking at sights like this.


  1. Peggy P

    Ken; Vicki sent a link to your blog and I just wanted you to know I'm thinking and praying for positive results on your CT scan this week! You're an amazing writer and offer such poignant insight into your situation. Keep thinking positive, you've got ALOT of people pulling for you! God Bless! -Peggy

  2. Ken Billett

    Peggy, thanks so much for your kind words. Yes, we're all anticipating the results on Wednesday. I'm just hoping (and praying) that my current "good" condition – I really do feel fine – translates into a good scan result. Thanks, again. Ken