Week Seven

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Today (October 8, 2013) is the end of week seven since I began drug treatment for my cancer.  Not much new to report.  As I stated in last week’s post, tomorrow – October 9th – I undergo a CT scan to see if the tumors in my right lung have responded to the Gleevec.  It has been difficult anticipating tomorrow’s tests, but I have been in a pretty fair mood, and compared to last month, that’s a big improvement.
Still, I don’t know what to expect, so I try to think of other things.  That strategy, however, has been tough because I’m not as motivated as I once was to exercise and to write. Tomorrow, as they say, is another day.
– – –
Good Day Sunshine
It has been an absolute gorgeous day today (and yesterday) here in Memphis.  The temperature is around 71 degrees, and the sky is that color of blue that seems unreal.  There are absolutely no clouds in the sky!  I spent most of yesterday and this morning outside with Nixie enjoying the weather.  When you see the sky like it is, feel the wind blowing, hear it rustling the leaves that still hang in the trees, you realize there is a God.  Our natural world and all its beauty are just too perfect…too incredible…to be left to chance.  I can’t even begin to explain how at peace I am when I simply sit and absorb the world around me.
Today’s sky from my driveway.

When the weather is like this, there seems to be nothing else around me – except Nixie, of course. Not the workmen across the street, not the obnoxious kid playing hoops on the driveway behind our house (he talks to himself, it’s very annoying).  Not the general hum and strum of suburban life.  Nothing.  Just me, the wind, and the sky above.  Gorgeous…and peaceful.
I had to rewrite this post because I originally wanted to title it Beautiful Dreamer.  But last night another song came into my head.  One that I think captured my mood today – Good Day Sunshine by The Beatles.

I need to laugh, and when the sun is out
I’ve got something I can laugh about,
I feel good, in a special way.
I’m in love and it’s a sunny day.

Given what tomorrow may bring, I definitely need to laugh.  And, yes, I do feel good in a special way.  I know that I can’t control tomorrow’s outcome.  It’s all part of the journey, and I’ve got to have faith.

Faith will see me through…I now know that.
We’ll talk soon.