Breaking Dad?

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As many of you know, the AMC television drama, Breaking Bad, came to a dramatic end last night after a successful five year run and numerous showbiz awards.  I became addicted (yes, pun intended) to the show this season due to my sister-in-law’s recent obsession with the series.  She spent the better part of July and August watching the first four seasons on NetFlix.
While I don’t watch much television any more, I (along with Vicki) do, at times, get hooked (yes, another intentional pun) on certain shows based on the buzz (okay, I’ll stop…I promise) generated in the press or from others.  In the case of Breaking Bad, I knew some things about the show and how popular it is (was?), but we never indulged in watching Walter White’s descent into the nether world of drug cartels and self-destruction.
The king is dead.
Long live the king!

Watching the show this season was a somewhat odd experience for me.  I enjoyed the plot twists and turns, along with the terrific acting and cinematography.  There were, however, some uncomfortable moments (and I don’t mean Uncle Jack killing Hank) – maybe uncomfortable parallels – that Walter and I share.  First, we both are former school teachers.  Second, we both have beautiful families.  Third, we both have lung cancer.  (Although mine is metastatic melanoma.)  Maybe it’s these parallels that drew me to understand a desperate man’s sometimes desperate decisions.
Maybe it’s the fact that Walt finally admitted to Skyler in last night’s finale, and to himself, that he did all of this for his own sake.  He wanted to prove something to himself before he died.  And, depending upon how you look at it, he made his own peace before he died.  Walt became very good at what he did and, like many other successful businessmen, he built a lucrative empire.
As for me, I certainly don’t consider myself desperate.  There’s always going to be a little voice inside me that warns of impending doom regarding my cancer, but I just have to replace that voice with hope and prayer.  I also believe it helps me to admit – like Walt – that a major reason I write this blog is for me.  In other words, writing is one way to replace that little voice with my own voice of reason.  Or, as much reason as can be made by handling my situation without breaking bad.
Now, I don’t intend to “break bad” like Walter White any time in the next several months.  But I do think there’s a lesson to be learned from Walt’s decision to “go for it” in terms of doing what he wanted to do.  He proved to himself that he could be a success.  I think that’s something all of us want to do, but many of us – myself included – never quite figure out.  What does “success” really mean?  It can mean many different things to many people.  At some point, I’ll answer that question about myself.
Remember, thanks for listening and have an A1 day!