Ain’t No Cure for the Summertime Blues….

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Writer’s Note – I’ve been on an extended hiatus for about three months.  So, I first want to say “Thank You” to all of you who continue to stop by and check out my blog.  This blog and several to follow have been accumulating in my head for quite a while.

July 1, 2014  First of all, I apologize for not doing my job.  I’ve been busy this summer doing my other job – the one we all call “Work.”  I’ve finally succumbed to my career-related tendency to work my ass off for absolutely no reason.  I tried to keep my “nose to the grind stone” at bay for as long as I could.  But this summer has been too much.  So, I sacrificed my “real life” for my “work world life.”  Of course, I get nothing out of working any harder at work, and certainly no “attaboys” from those I work for and around, but I’ve always been like this – always.  Always trying to please everyone and hating every minute of it.

As a result, I have stopped writing, stopped blogging and emailing, and stop communicating about my disease.  Perhaps I feel like there’s nothing more to say, or perhaps I really don’t think anyone – outside of my immediate family – really cares. It’s difficult to know – day in and day out – what twists and turns that life will throw at us.  Having cancer makes those twists and turns even more intense.  Therefore, a lot of what I do is live in the moment.  I think that’s a pretty good philosophy for all of us to live by.

So now my “real job” begins, anew…..

One of the all time greats…

(Note: This one’s for Joe.)


  1. Anonymous

    Ken, LOVE the picture!! (Going to see two of those guys in Jacksonville in early 2015.) But loved seeing you and Vicki this past weekend even more. You looked very much like your "old" self, Ken Billett, circa 1984. More so than most. What do you think: Homecoming next year? 🙂

    Joe Begley
    Jacksonville, Fla.

  2. Ken Billett

    Joe, it was great seeing you, and, as I said via email, you look like your "old" self as well. Being back in Hogtown brought many memories – some good, some not so good – but it's hard "going home again." (Maybe a topic for a post.) Anyway, homecoming might be a "go" for next season – we'll just have to see. Thanks for getting me back to my site.