Peace & Poffertjes

Finished product.

September 3, 2018 – We spent Labor Day weekend visiting Zach at his new apartment in Chamblee, Georgia, which is just to the north of Atlanta. You may recall that after graduation from Georgia Tech, Zach got an engineering job in Atlanta (see Adult Stuff). Even after the long drive from Memphis, the three of us (Emily came, too) had a great weekend hanging out with Zach and eating a lot of really good food. (I’ll eventually cover that in my travel blog.)

On Saturday, Zach took us to the Buford Highway Farmers Market located between Chamblee and Doraville. To say that this is not your typical farmers market would be an understatement. Think farmers market the size of a Costco that includes not only fresh produce and local favorites but international cuisine not carried in a Publix, a Kroger, or a Fresh Market. We were blown away by everything we saw and tasted. If you ever spend time in the Atlanta ‘burbs, make a point of going to this place – plan on spending an hour or two, as well. You won’t be disappointed. To get a great overview of the farmers market watch this Travel Channel clip featuring the late Anthony Bourdain.

The master chef turning the poffertjes.

Anyway, at the Buford Highway Farmers Market we found some of our favorite Indonesian and Dutch food products. You may also remember that Vicki is half Dutch and her mother grew up in Indonesia. We enjoy an occasional Dutch treat but have never found reliable sources for Dutch pancake mix (known in Holland as pannekoeken). A related Dutch batter treat is poffertjes. We scooped up a couple of boxes of mix for both pannekoek and poffertjes.


On Monday morning we gathered at Zach’s apartment for an early lunch (or late brunch) of poffertjes and Dutch pancake syrup (or, schenkstroop). Zach even bought a special poffertjes pan (see picture). We all took turns helping to make the tiny, puffy treats.

And that’s when I felt at peace (think serenity). I watched our children working their way through the recipe to complete the first couple of batches of treats. I watched Vicki sifting powdered sugar onto the finished poffertjes. I watched my family being together once again. All four of us sharing an experience that may not be unique, but special enough that the memory will remain embedded long after the last poffertjes are finished.

I love times like today. It reminds me that there is still so much to live for and so many memories still to be made. I love my family. I’m thankful to be here to share these moments with them.

Thanks, as always, for listening.

Peace may actually be a delicious helping of poffertjes.

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